We offer specialized services for individuals & community programs

Our mission is to help others heal emotionally, spiritually & physically live a balanced life, become awakened and reach their full potential. We offer unique holistic services & unconventional approaches that are simple and powerful with many years of proven success. 


God has given us all many gifts, but without the necessary tools we all struggle through life. Every day we do our best, but often fall back into the same old habits and patterns. This becomes our cycle throughout life but with the proper tools, techniques and awareness these patterns can be forever broken and allow you to reach your full potential and live a purpose filled life! 


We specialize in the area of emotional pain, grief, spiritual growth & wellness of the Mind, Body & Spirit! No one should ever feel that there is no HOPE left and no purpose. We all serve a unique person and are part of God's divine plan. 


If you want to start living a balanced life with passion & purpose, free from pain, worry, shame, regrets then you have discovered the place that supports others in their journey to healing & self discovery. We provide the services, products, tools & techiques to helping others move forward , make choices that align with their dreams so they can become a reality.


This is our purpose and passion to help others heal and never lose HOPE.

The wonderful news is you can take advantage of any of our services or program regardless of where you live. All services are offered in person or long distance by phone. We offer services, products and education for individuals, familes and organizations.

Spiritual Leader

Sharon Young, is a Spiritual Leader, Author and Motivational Speaker. She specializes in emotional healing grief, wellness & spiritual growth. Her ability to share and teach valuable lessons comes from her own life experiences and many years of working with others to help them heal, improve the quailty of their lives and build strong foundation, character and trust in God, Spirit & The Divine. 

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The Ministry of Hope

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Use our contact form.and we will contact you by phone or email. 

All services & sessions are offered in person or by phone from anywhere in the U.S. Appointments for all services can be scheduled by email or phone and must be paid in advance. Once your appointment is booked you will receive an email confirmation.

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