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October 2017

                      Who Is To Blame?


Inspirational Connection

Well, as I sit here writing this message I am able to recall multiple situations and conversations that have taken place over the past several months. I have had an amazing awareness of how other people and our society have created a shift in our thinking.


We are clearly responsible for our own behavior, reaction, action and most of all our choices. We can never cause another’s reactions or actions and they cannot cause yours. When we shift blame to someone or something outside of ourselves, we can somehow justify the action without taking responsibility for it, not owning up to the effects and consequence of our choices or the choice someone else makes.


Blame is poisonous as is unforgiveness, they are closely related.

It causes great pain including;






It causes division, separates us from each other and God,


The only one who should play the blame game is a perfect person, since there is no such thing than no one is entitled to play the blame game. Our creator, who is not of this world, has promised to forgive us no matter “what”, erasing the mistakes or errors we make along the way. Why do we feel we have the right to place blame on ourselves or others?


This needs to be corrected and we need to become aware and learn to change our thinking pattern. It just takes time and practice to train your self to think differently.


Monthly Affirmation:

I am responsible for my own action, reactions and choices. I release all blame, guilt and shame from all relationships, past, present and future.


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Sharon Young, is a Spiritual Leader, Author and Motivational Speaker. She specializes in life changes, grief, wellness & spiritual growth. Her ability to share and teach valuable lessons comes from her own life experiences and many years of working with others to help them heal, improve the quailty of their lives and build strong foundation, character and trust in God, Spirit & The Divine. 

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