We provide the necessary tools & powerful techniques that have been utilized by people of all ages helping them to move forward through life-changes, challenges and circumstances. We are so proud and honored to have witnessed the transformation of many lives with the use of our incredible programs, products & services. You can also follow us and see our Inspirational Messages on facebook to inspire and motivate you to never lose HOPE!

Spirit Program-Transformation Series
If you are feeling stuck in life, emotional, physical or spiritually unbalance, unable to focus, stressed or keep repeating the same patterns you may want to consider our 12 week program to help set you on a new path and break the old habits & cycles so you do not repeat them throughout life.

Get Started Now, $240 ($20/week in 3 monthly payments)
This will be the best investment you have every made! 
You will receive your course book "Your Tool Box For Life", weekly online video lesson to watch at your convenience along with private 15 minute teleconference sessions
What should you expect? This is a powerful process, when given the right tools, techniques and guidance you will discover things about your self and do things that you never though were possible or until now just a dream!
  • ​​Powerful Communication; Healthy Relationship, Love, Friends  & Family

  • Life Transitions & Changes

  • Grief & Emotional Pain

  • Removing Fears & Blocks

  • Making Key Decisions & Good Choices

  • Removing Drama & Creating A Problem Free Zone

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Building Confidence

  • Self Awareness, Fulfilling Personal & Emotional Needs

  • Time & Self Management, More Time For Things You Enjoy

  • Planning & Organizing

  • Simplify & Balance

  • Enjoy your life by finding peace, joy & having fun!

3 Payments of $80
  Number of payments 3
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At checkout $80.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 2) $80.00 USD
Total $240.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Weekly payments $25 for 12 weeks, must be paid 7 days in advance of scheduled appointment

All sessions must be prepaid using our secured system on our website. There are no refunds for missed appointments, no exceptions. The sessions are offered by phone from anywhere in the U.S.

Client Testimonies

Thank you, Sharon for not allowing me to give up. Thank you for the tools you have opened my eyes to so that I could take back my power. God placed you here for a very unique and specific purpose - helping others on their journey. How grateful am I that our paths met! Karen Mackey


It really helps bring all aspects of your life to one focus for you. It will change your life forever! Stephanie Moore 


This provided me with the tools and material to take with me and use through out life and everyday situations!"  Dottie Smith 

I had the privilege of meeting Sharon at the worst time of my life, I had just lost my 21 year old son. Sharon not only helped me through the grieving process, through spiritual reconnection and channeling, she also helped me to put the balance back into my life. She taught me that every aspect of your life needs to “fit” into place. Sharon quickly became a very important part of my life, and still is. Betsy Donahue

Grief Healing
Sharon has many years of experience working with adults, children and teens. Loss of a child, including miscarriages, loss of a parent, loss of a sibling, loss of a pet. She uses her compassion and provides the tools and support to help you move through the grief process, while assisting you in finding a renewed sense of hope, peace & healing. 

We are here to assist you and remind you that you are not alone. Grief causes physical, emotional and spiritual pain. It has been often said that grief comes in stages, but that is not our belief. There are various emotions experienced during grief, denial, anger, guilt, extreme sadness often referred to as depression rather than grief which is completely normal after loss and these feelings can be experienced independently, all at once or not at all. There are no time limitations or a right way to grieve, everyone has their own ways of coping and healing depending on the relationship and the connection. We all grieve differently and need to respect the right, space and time needed to heal from loss without comparing and forcing what is a natural process of life.

Session Fee $50


Bio-feedback Balancing Treatment; Stress Assessment/Evaluation

Using state of the art technology in the field of natural medicine this non-invasive medical grade device reflects and reports the current condition of all electrical and energetic fields that are necessary for proper function and balance of all the body’s systems to perform at optimal levels. We use specialized professional grade homeopathic supplements & vitamins that renew and rejuvenate the cells and tissues which the body is lacking due to a deficiency based on lifestyle choices and/or the body’s inability to function and maintain excellent health.
Balancing Treatment $50
Full Body Scans $100
3 products based on your results $50 

Biofeedback Services


Emotional CPR is a process used to access and release emotions that have been stored in the body from trauma, painful events and circumstance. This process takes less than 30 minutes and the results are remarkable. The powerful aspect of this process is that it all occurs in the "non-cognitive" field. Non-cognitive processing is powerful because it bypasses the mental body which desperately tries to take the person "back" to where they were--a place of fear. . But with non-cognitive processing the mind can't control the outcome but the fear of the pain is actually more in the way than the actual pain itself. Usually participants say that they had no idea how simple this release process is, and that the fear of the fear is worse than the original wounding was. You must clear emotions to heal the body. This process makes you feel great without side effects. It can be done alone or along with the rainbow therapy, which create balance and helps facilitate the process.

Session Fee $50, with Balancing or Full Body Scan $25

(one bottle of profusion is needed not included in fee) 


Emotional CPR

Rainbow Therapy™ 

This is a combination of aromatherapy, hands on energy healing & crystals used to restore the natural flow of energy in the body.  This process assists in the release of stored emotions and blocks within the energy pathways and alleviates pain. In this treatment you will learn to tune into your intuitive guidance while creating balance and harmony. 
Session Fee $50


InSpirational Messages

Sharon Young, is a Spiritual Leader, Author and Motivational Speaker. She specializes in life changes, grief healing grief, wellness & spiritual growth. Her ability to share and teach valuable lessons comes from her own life experiences and many years of working with others to help them heal, improve the quailty of their lives and build strong foundation, character and trust in God, Spirit & The Divine. 

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