What is our mission?

Join us for our ministry service

Saturday and Sunday- Church Service
Wednesday- Religious studies

We host weekly services on Saturday evening and Sunday Mornings.

We host both digital and in person services for our members. 


Wednesday we host a study group for people interested in religions of the world, with historical context

We want to help and create a better world

We believe that everyone should have access to the resources to meet their basic needs. Our vision is to help people facing homelessness achieve self-actualization and achieve long term solutions to tackle the root causes of poverty. To get there, we offer evidence based programs and services that provide individuals job training and employment; safe and affordable housing; community outreach; e-waste collection and computer repair. 

The Ministry of Hope believes in the inherent worth, dignity and equality of all people. We recognize that the right to self-directed and meaningful life is fundamental, recognizing the right to live free from persecution, torture, intolerance or cruel deprivation of physical liberty. 

We believe that basic needs must be met such as hunger, safety and shelter in order for individuals to be able to reach self-actualization, and that every individual should have access to the resources they need to be able to have all of these needs met. 

All people have psychological needs such as connection and family as well as community and friendship to live a self-directed life with meaning. We strive to make all resources available equitably so everyone can meet their basic needs in order to live a dignified life.

Our employees are the visionaries and champions of the future. They are a group of dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to empower individuals in the community to find safe and lasting housing.  We understand how hard it can be, and recognize that its only getting harder for people to afford housing. All of our officers and staff have faced homelessness themselves.

We aim to provide you with a great service and a place  where everyone feels welcomed, valued, appreciated, and hopeful.